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Track Days & Public Days

Track Days & Public Days

Track days & Public day Nordschleife car rental

Our road legal rental cars are available for public days at the Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps, but they can also be used for European track days, because all our rentals are fully prepared. We also have a couple racing cars that can be rented for track days or even racing events like RCN and VLN. We work with fixed prices and besides basic* rent we also have several full-service arrive & drive packages to offer. Check the cars in our fleet below.

* basic means car rental only, fuel, track fee’s, are not incl. in the listed prices.

Public Day Car Hire

Private Trackdays versus Public Days

Track Day Public Day
Choose this option if you want an intense well organised day at the track Choose this option to tick your bucket list, or want to do some laps
Less crowded 120 max cars per day You pay per lap*/session**
Closures are rare (Accidents) Decide on the day if you want to drive
Only pre-registered cars Very busy: up to 10,000 cars a day
Same minded drivers Frequent and some times long closures (Accidents)
More expensive Cars, busses, bikes, quads are allowed on track
Early booking needed Spontaneous drivers
Anyone can be on track!